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Name: My name is Hikari Hoshi, but when I’m wearing my magical girl outfits (all personally designed and sewn by me, by the way!), you can call me Starshine, or Starshine-chan! I also have an adorable animal friend who helps me in both my battles for the greater good and just everyday life sort of battles, like getting out of bed on Monday mornings or getting my homework done when all I want to do is sew. He’s a weasel named Kirakira!

Likes: Well, my likes include spending time with Kirakira, of course, whether it be playing with him, brushing his fur, sewing cute little outfits for him or even saving the day with him! I love him, and he loves me. We’re partners to the end! Aside from that, I really love sewing. It’s my passion! The thing I want to do for the rest of my life! I make plushies all the time, and I sew my own outfits, as well as ones for Kirakira, so we’re sure to always look adorable! Even my magical weapon is a sewing needle! *coughcough* Aside from that, I’ve had passing interests in other artistic pursuits, like fashion design, sculpting, scrapbooking, doodling on homework I probably shouldn’t doodle on and the like, I watch TV or Netflix in my spare time and get addicted just like anyone else, and I love music and looking at the stars at night through the telescope I got for my twelfth birthday! I’ve also taken a liking to watching magical girl anime, for obvious reasons, but I prefer the cheerier ones (Madoka broke my heart! </3).

Dislikes: Spicy food, people who don’t like sewing, magical girls or weasels, really mean-spirited people, and the belief that kids should at some point reach an age where they grow out of their stuffed animals. Plushies are cute and awesome and make great cuddle buddies! Why would anyone what to grow out of that?!

Personality: Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but I’m a fairly cheerful, upbeat sort of person. I’m pretty girly, with my adorable clothes and hair clips and whatnot, but I’ve never let that stop me from being tough when I need to be, especially when I’m saving the world (or enduring ouchy needle pokes in my fingertips… thimbles help a lot though!). I’m caring, compassionate, sometimes a little scatter brained from daydreaming, admittedly, but I think my creativity and imagination make up for that! And, most importantly, I’m driven, and I want to both help as many people as I can and pursue my dream of being the best plushie artist I can possibly be!

Powers: Well, a lot of magical girls have a special weapon all their own, often based on what it is they’re all about, and I am no exception. My special weapon is a large sewing needle, nearly as tall as I am! It’s got thread that glitters gold tied to the eye at the top, and tied to the ends of each half of the thread are these wonderful little yellow star charms. It’s also got a blue scarf wrapped around it, just below the eye, matching both Kirakira and me. It’s basically a member of the team, after all! I wield it like a staff, and I’m always super careful not avoid hurting anyone with the sharp end unless I have to. Fabric, however, isn’t spared like that, for obvious reasons. Because sometimes, to save the day, you just need to sew something! Aside from my awesome needle staff though, I can fly (well, it’s more like floating, really), make my body (or just my hands or eyes, depending on the situation) shine bright, and shoot star beams from the palms of my hands, though I prefer to use my needle. I can also repair just about anything, using my needle to stitch it back together. Busted dam? No problem! Rip in the fabric of space time? Fixing fabric is my life! All in all, I guess you could say that I’m a pretty awesome magical girl.

Back story: Well, my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I learned from an early age the benefits of being able to make my own clothes and toys, and my mom started teaching me when I was very young (like, three years old!). She as super patient with me, and while there were a few finger pricks here and there, I loved being able to make things for myself. It made me feel so… accomplished, and independent, you know? Like, I need something, so I’ll make something! And I loved every one of my little creations, no matter how clumsy I was in the beginning! Eventually, my mom and dad found better jobs, and things got a little better for us at home, but I never stopped sewing. I loved sewing so much, that when I had a really bad accident when I was seven and needed to get stitches, it reassured me to know that I would be fixed the same way I fixed my dolls. I guess in a way, sewing helped make me brave, and that helped me to become a better magical girl later on!

Oh, yeah. I guess I should explain that too, huh?

*clears throat* Anyway, when I was eleven years old, I met this beautiful older girl wearing the cutest clothes. She was running away from something, and she was a little banged up. I realized, when I got closer, that she was actually a doll herself, and she had a few tears in her beautiful silk skin! I was shocked to see a living doll, but she was in trouble, so I took her back to my home to hide her from what I later found out was magic poachers, who captured magical animals and used them for evil, selfish purposes. The doll had been created by an older, magical woman, born from a star, who’d been drawn away by a distraction set by the poachers so that they could attack her home while she was away and kidnap the animals she was taking care of! The doll was brave, and had scooped up all the poor baby animals and run away to save them.

I hid her and kept her safe, and as I listened to her tail, I stitched all of the tears the poachers had made, hoping that it would keep her from having to hurt anymore. And, in the meantime, I got to play with the baby magical animals (three guesses how I met Kirakira~!). Eventually, her creator came for her, and after thanking me, she bestowed me with magical powers of my own, so I could continue helping to keep everyone safe and sound. And, since Kirakira and I had become really good friends, she let me keep him, as long as I promised to be really good to him, and I’ve made very sure to keep that promise. Since the woman’s powers had come from a star, mine also came from the stars. I’d always loved watching the stars, like explosions of glitter in the big, midnight blue fabric of the night sky, so I couldn’t be happier.

Now, I’m Starshine-chan! Saving the day one plushie at a time!


My entry for :iconstarshineplush:'s contest. Hopefully, I've captured their mascot character well enough XD


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