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It was a nice, regular day in the Cul-de-Sac. Jonny was off somewhere talking to Plank, Rolf was participating in some tradition from the “Old Country” with his family that nobody had ever heard of, and of course, the Eds were in the midst of a scam. The current scam was a Haunted House, constructed out of cardboard and stuff from the junkyard. It seemed like fun to Nazz, Sarah was going in with Jimmy for emotional support, and the Kanker sisters? They were going in because it had been posed to them as a challenge.

Nobody said something was too scary for the Kanker sisters to handle. Not even the Eds.

But, it didn’t take long for them all to get turned around inside the house, and Sarah blinked when she lost Jimmy in the darkness. “Jimmy?” It took her a moment to figure out that he wasn’t there with her anymore, and she began to panic, looking all over for him. “Jimmy?!” she called, louder this time, and began running. Nazz, nearby and hearing her calling for the boy, decided to join in her search. After all, the poor little dude shouldn’t be in a scary place by himself.

“Jimmy!!” they called out together, running around to search.


Sarah and Nazz rubbed their heads, grimacing and hugging each other when they realized that they’d run straight into the Kanker sisters, only identifiable by their voices, and their silhouettes in the dark.

“What was that?!” May asked, scared and hiding behind Lee.

“Just some little twerps,” Lee said, sneering down at the two shorter girls upon recognizing their voices. She placed her hands on her hips.

Marie cackled, slapping May on the back of the head. “Yeah, so stop being such a little fraidy cat over a couple of little fraidy cats.”

May pouted.

Just then, they began to feel… something, causing the boards beneath their feet to shake, and at first, they thought it might be an earthquake, but then the girls all screamed when the floor suddenly dropped out from under them, dropping them into a basement. They were all knocked unconscious by the fall and didn’t get to see the floor above them swing back into place, locking them in.


“Eddyyyy, we have a problem!” Double D said, giving the shorter male a panicked look. “Nazz and Sarah were in the room too!”

Eddy grimaced. “Is there any way to get them out of there without letting the Kankers out?”

“We’d have to open the secret door to get down there. I don’t think they’re conscious right now…” Doudle D replied, giving the fuzzy monitor a worried look, biting down on his lower lip and considering for a few moments before looking over at Eddy again, who was likewise looking at the monitor.

“…Nazz will be missed.”


“What?!” Eddy turned to look at the red shirted male, raising his eyebrows. “I saw one of the Kankers move! If we go down there, they’re gonna wake up, and then we’d have gone through all this just to make them mad at us! We’re not going down there!”

“But Eddy! What about Nazz and Sarah?!”

“Easy. You build a hot robot girl to distract people, and we’ll just, I dunno, put a red wig on a sack of potatoes and tell Lumpy it’s Sarah.”

“…I highly doubt that’ll work, Eddy.”

“Look, Sockhead, if you say a /word/ to Ed, or try to go down there, what the Kanker sisters do is on /you/, not me. …And I’ll tell your parents about what really happened to the lawnmower last week,” the short male said, folding his arms over his chest.


Double D sighed.


It was a couple hours later before Nazz began to stir. The first thing to hit her was the ache in her head. The second, was what on earth had happened and where she was. And finally… the hunger. She was still trying to figure out what had happened when her stomach began to rumble, waking up right alongside her, and she blinked, patting her hand over it. “Gee, sorry tummy… I guess /whatever/ happened caused us to miss lunch, huh?”

“Who said that?! Who’s down here?!”

“…Lee?” Nazz blinked, trying to stand. “Lee, is that you?”

“Who wants to know?”

“It’s me. Nazz.”

The tallest Kanker sister peered through her hair into the darkness, recognizing the voice now. “Where are we? Marie! May! Wherever you are, get over here right now!” she called, not liking the unfamiliar situation. Then, she heard Nazz’s stomach rumble again, and her own followed soon after. She grunted, rubbing a hand over her exposed belly. “Wherever we are, I just wanna get outta here and get some grub in my belly.”

“I hear ya, I hear ya! Quit yellin’!” Marie called back, and by the sounds of things, she was dragging May. They heard a stomach growl, causing Lee to laugh. Marie’s eyes narrowed, a hand moving to rub her tummy. “Oh please, your tummy growled first! I’m so hungry… Where the heck are we?!”

May whimpered. “My head hurts you guys.”

Lee hummed. “Well, at least we know you don’t have brain damage since you don’t have a brain /to/ damage,” she teased, giving her sister (or at least, the general direction she was pretty sure her sister was in) a mocking look.

Just then, they heard Sarah begin to yowl. “My heaaaad! Where am I? Where’s Jimmy? Where’s Ed? Oh, when I get my hands on him… ED! YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW, OR I’M TELLING MOM!!” she screamed angrily into the darkness. Her belly started to growl too, having used much of the energy she had left to bellow, and she made a grumpy face, crossing her arms over her exposed stomach. “My tummy hurts… ED! ED, YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

Nazz tried to find her way over to the girl, resting a hand on her shoulder once she did. Sarah tried to slap her away, but Nazz kept her cool. “Sarah! It’s me! Nazz! Calm down, okay?”

“Nazz?! Where are we?!”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, do you know what time it is? I was supposed to be home for dinner by six!” Sarah’s tummy growled, and she moaned, pressing her hands into it. “My belly’s sooo empty. I just know it has to be getting late out! And where did Jimmy go?! JIMMY!!”

“Sarah, get a hold of yourself!”

“Yeah, little girl,” Marie sneered, making Sarah’s mouth snap shut immediately. “None of us know where we are, and none of us know what time it is, because none of us can see anything, so shut up!” The blue haired girl’s stomach gurgled, and she gave the darkness an irritable look, rubbing her hand over her exposed belly. “Besides, we all have empty bellies, and having to listen to your whining isn’t helping anything.”

Sarah bit her lower lip.

Nearby, Lee let out a frustrated noise. Her tummy growled in equal frustration, and she pressed her hand into the flesh, rubbing in slow circles. “Yeah, we all got empty bellies, so how are we gonna get out of here?” she asked, narrowing her eyes under her mane of red hair.

May frowned. “Well, last I remember, we were in the haunted house. Then we fell.”

Sarah let out an enraged noise. “Ohhh, it was probably my idiot brother and his idiot friends! YOU IDIOTS BETTER LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW, ED, OR I’M TELLING MOM!!”

Lee smacked her in the back of the head. “Hey, you shut up about our boyfriends, alright?”

The youngest girl let out a disgusted noise, but did, indeed, shut up, pouting into the darkness. The sound of her stomach gurgling reached her ears, and she pouted harder, moving a hand to give her stomach a comforting rub. “It’s okay, belly… Ed’s an idiot, but he’ll have to get us out of here eventually… Then we’ll get you some food, okay?”

Lee barked out a laugh. “Hah! Little baby’s talkin’ to her stomach!”

Nazz held up her hands. “Look, let’s all just chill out, okay? We’re not gonna get out of here by fighting with each other.” Her tummy growled. She laughed, patting her hands against her middle. “Haha, and the sooner we get out of here, the sooner we can get some food in our bellies, so what do you say we stop fighting and try to find a way out of here, hmm?”

The Kanker Sisters gave her a critical look.

“What are you, Mother Theresa?” Marie asked, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at the man stealing home wrecker. But, her tummy was rumbling, and there was only so much she could let petty jealousy and dislike of the blonde girl’s goody-goody cool girl attitude keep her from doing what she could to get some food, so with a sigh of resignation and a rub of her belly, she turned her head away to glare at the darkness instead, pouting some more. “What do /you/ suppose we do to get some food in our stomachs, huh /princess/?”

May frowned, looking between the direction of the blonde’s voice and the direction of her sister’s.

Nazz took a deep breath. “Well… we could try to figure out where the walls are and see if there are any doors.”

After a few seconds, Lee reluctantly nodded her head. “Do as she said, girls,” she said, snapping her fingers and going to do so herself. She walked with her hands out until she found a wall, and then she felt along the side of it for any sign of a door, groaning when her stomach growled again. She pulled one hand from the wall to massage her belly instead, grumbling. “Ugh, we better get out of here soon. Mama’s stomach’s getting’ /real/ hungry.”

“How do you know about Mom’s stomach?” May asked, blinking in surprise.

“She’s talking about her /own/ stomach, stupid,” Marie quipped mockingly, smacking May in the back of the head. Her own stomach rumbled, and she shoved May out of the way, rubbing her belly irritably as she too headed to a wall to search. “Mine’s hungry too, so move your butt.”

May frowned, but nodded and obediently moved her butt, searching along the wall. Her tummy gurgled needily, and she took a brief time out to rub it before feeling along the wall again. “My stomach’s hungry too you guys. Do you think Mom’s gonna be mad when we aren’t home for dinner on time?” she asked, starting to feel a little bit nervous at the idea.

Lee frowned. “Depends on what she made. She gets real mad when we’re late on meatloaf night. Beef’s expensive.”

Her sisters nodded their heads.

Sarah, growing concerned about being late for her own family’s dinner, frowned more deeply as well. Her stomach started to growl harder as she wondered what they were having for dinner that night. She patted her belly, hoping that, when she got out of there, she got to have some nice, cheese pizza. Oh, her mouth was watering just thinking about it… “Some pizza in my tummy would be nice… I’m so hungry it feels like my stomach’s gonna collapse on itself.”

Nazz moaned, her own tummy rumbling, and rubbed her stomach. “Ohhh yeah… Pizza… Mmm… My belly feels like it’s gonna eat itself if I don’t get some food here soon.”

“…Can bellies do that?”

Marie sighed. Her stomach was gurgling pretty hard too, and she tightened her arms around her belly, doubling over for a few seconds. “I’m still just thinking about Mom’s meatloaf… God, my stomach is so empty. It feels like the growls are echoing around in there,” she said, rubbing her middle.

Lee’s tummy growled loudly at the mention of more food. She rubbed her hands over it, and then resumed feeling the wall. “My stomach too… Hey! Hey, guys! I think I found something over here!” she called out, feeling excitedly around the outside edge of what appeared to be a door. “I think it’s a door! I can’t get it open though!”

“A door?!”

The other girls rushed over, and together, they all tried hard to push the door open, to no avail. The handle would not turn, and the door would not budge.

Sarah roared in frustration, her belly gurgling so badly it was starting to hurt. She slid to the ground, rubbing her hands over her stomach. “Guys, my belly’s so empty. I feel like I’m too hungry to have any hope of busting that door down… I might have been able to normally, but… What about you guys?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling really weak too,” Nazz said. Her stomach growled soon afterward, sounding much more powerful than she did. She sighed and rubbed a hand in soothing circles over it. “I’m so hungry it feels like I might pass out, you know? Like, when your tummy gets so empty that you get dizzy and just plop right over?”

May whimpered. “I’ve been feeling dizzy for about the last three minutes…” she admitted, her poor, neglected, empty tummy rumbling beneath her hands. She bit her lip and rubbed her hands over the uneasy flesh. “Am I gonna pass out from hunger too?”


Marie’s tummy was rumbling too, and though she did rub it, same as anyone else, it was making her more irritable than scared or dizzy, and as soon as she found May, she smacked her upside the head. “Focus! An empty belly isn’t stopping me and Lee from trying to open this stupid door and it shouldn’t be stopping anyone else here either, you all got that?!” she barked, hands moving to her hips as she glared.

Despite it being so dark that she couldn’t see it, May, Nazz and Sarah felt the glare and shivered.

“That’s right, Marie. Now, come on, girls!” Lee pressed, backing up to run at the door, throwing her shoulder into it. “Agh! My shoulder!”

“Lee! Are you okay?!”

“Yeah, I just tried to human battering ram the door. That sucker’s stuck shut tough!” The red head slid to the ground, nursing her wounds by rubbing. Her stomach rumbled, even hungrier now, from the exertion, and she moved her hands to rub that too. “Man, now I’m even hungrier… What am I gonna do about getting rid of this hunger in my belly if I can’t get out of this place?!”

Marie and May knelt down beside their sister, trying to comfort her even as their own bellies rumbled.

“I’m sure we’ll get out of here eventually,” Marie assured, patting Lee’s back. “I mean, come on. Nobody keeps the Kanker Sisters anywhere we don’t /want/ to be kept, right? Not even our boyfriends, if this is actually them. We’re too tough for that!” Her stomach began growling a bit too loudly to ignore and she moved one of her hands to pat that instead. “Ugh, speaking of our boyfriends, my belly’s so hungry that I think, as soon as I get something to eat, I’m gonna find Double D and devour him too.”

Lee cracked a smile at that. “Yeah, Eddy’s lips would be a nice little snack, huh girls?”

“Forget Eddy!” May said, growing excited now. “My honey man Ed’s lips are going to taste wonderful with a side of all the food we’re gonna be eating!”

Sarah made a retching noise.

“Oh, hush. You’ll understand when you’re older!” May huffed.

“I don’t /want/ to understand!” Sarah protested, half tempted to try finding the fountain of youth just to prevent getting older if it meant she’d ever have to understand why any girl would want to willingly put her mouth on Ed. But, either thankfully or unfortunately, her (now somewhat queasy) stomach’s powerful gurgling was really distracting. She pressed her hands into the soft flesh, lower lip quivering. “My tummy’s so hungry, you guys… I actually wish Ed /were/ here, so he could break down that door and I could get some food for my poor, hungry stomach… /He/ could break down that door, I’m sure of it.”

May sighed happily. “Yeah, my man suuuuure is a big, strong one, isn’t he?” he swooned, combing her fingers through her hair bashfully.

Sarah grimaced.

Lee stood, drumming her fingers against her hips as she stared down a door she couldn’t see. “Yeah, he probably could. It’s not gonna stop me from at least trying though!” Her tummy was growling too hard for her to ignore it, so, one hand pressed against her belly, she rammed into the door again. “Agh! Don’t worry, belly, mama’s gonna get you some food and soothe that hunger right away!”

Marie and May quickly hopped over to help, crying out as they rammed the door with everything they had.

Nazz sat nearby. Her tummy was gurgling just as much as their’s were, so she’d been occupied with trying to soothe it so she could think clearly, rubbing her hands in gentle circles over the soft flesh and fabric of her shirt. “My belly’s so weak and quivery from hunger… I’m sorry girls, I want to help, but I just don’t think I’m as strong as you all are. Including you, Sarah. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you rip a mailbox out of the ground when you were mad before.”

“Oh yeah. Ed was being so stupid that day.”

Marie groaned from both her growling stomach and the act of trying to force the door open. She switched positions, using her shoulder blades instead of her back so she could cradle her tummy and push at the same time. “I. Want. My. Belly. To. Stop. Being. So. HUNGRY!!”

“You know,” May said in the midst of pushing, it dawning on her as she tried to think of the positives. “If I marry Ed, that would make Sarah my new baby sister in law!”

Lee blinked. “Oh hey, that makes her one of us.” Her tummy was aching badly from hunger, whimpering inside of her with little growls and gurgles. She paused briefly to pat it before throwing herself up against the door. “Hey, shrimpo! You’ve got an empty belly that’s super hungry, same as me, and if you’re gonna be one of us, you’re gonna be tough and /act/ like one of us, got it?! So, get your butt over here and help push!”

Sarah was afraid of what would happen if she /didn’t/ help push, so she hurried on over, throwing her shoulder into the door.

Not wanting to be useless and feeling just a tiny bit left out as the only non-Kanker, Nazz likewise hurried over to help push. She threw every bit of energy she had left into trying to work the door open, as the other girls were, groaning when her stomach began to gurgle, making the muscles in her entire body quiver. She pressed an arm over her belly, fingers spreading out. “My tummy’s so weak with hunger that I feel nauseous, you guys…” she said, face feeling like it was starting to turn a little bit green. “Nngh…”

“Quit whining and just push!”

But, all of them were weak with hunger, and, unable to budge the door, they soon had to give up, collapsing on the ground at the base of the door, breathing hard. May and Nazz even had to run off to dry heave, given that their bellies were too weak for anything to actually come out. Then, nausea passing at least a little bit, they returned to the rest of the group and collapsed with them.

“Uggghhh, we’re never gonna get that freakin door open!!” Sarah raged, kicking her feet against the door in a tantrum. Her tummy ached with hunger so badly. It growled, as enraged as she was, not appeased at all by the way she rubbed it. “My belly’s hungry! I want out of here!!”

Marie was too weak to slap her again. “Ugh, I’m too hungry to deal with you, just… just shut up…”

Lee wasn’t used to feeling so weak, being one of the strongest kids in the area, bested only by Ed and Rolf, and those two were freaks of nature when it came to strengths. She wasn’t sure how they were even human. …The point was, she wasn’t used to feeling like this. Not since a couple years back when her family had been going through a really bad money situation and hadn’t been able to afford food, and even then, her mom always made sure they ate, even if they couldn’t eat all that much.

Her stomach growled, prompting her to sigh and rub it, trying to soothe herself. “My belly feels hungrier than it has in years…” she ventured, closing her eyes beneath her mane of bushy red hair.

“You mean like that one time Mom went all the way down to Louisiana for a job interview and then dad just kinda disappeared for a few days?” May asked, blinking. Her tummy started rumbling even harder just thinking about it. She rubbed it in a slow circle, frowning. “Oh geez, me too, and we had to resort to stealing food from the neighbors and fast food dumpsters, our tummies were so empty and hungry.”

Marie shrugged her shoulders. “At least Dad came back with burgers and Mom came back with those gumbo and Cajun chicken recipes. I have no idea what’s going to save us this time around…”

“Wow, that sounds awful,” Nazz said, frowning. Her tummy was gurgling really badly too, both upset from hearing a sad story and just really empty. She patted it, drawing her knees up so she could sit back against the wall. “I don’t think I’ve ever been hungry like this before in my life. My belly’s never had to go without food for very long before… It must have been hard.”

Sarah nodded her head, agreeing. Her family wasn’t like, rich or anything, and she was pretty sure her family wasn’t quite as well off as Nazz’s, but, she was never left wanting too much. Her stuffed animal filled room and her brother’s collection of weird action figures was testament to that.

Speaking of her brother, his room was practically filled with food like, all the time.

She whimpered as her belly rumbled, thinking about all the times she’d gone down to drag him upstairs and had seen a whole cooked turkey or fried chicken in his room. She patted her stomach. “My belly hurts… I’m so hungry…”

“Okay, so, we’re all too weak and hungry to get the door open, so… What do we do?” Marie asked, arms crossed irritably over her rumbling stomach, one hand idly rubbing at it while she considered. “My belly feels like it’s going to die from hunger inside of me,” she said, eyes narrowed at the darkness. She would rather not acknowledge Nazz’s stupid little sympathy venture, and she didn’t want the stupid baby to go and throw another tantrum or anything either. She just felt angry. Hungry and angry.

May blinked, eyes widening in horror. “Tummies can’t actually just go and die on their own like that, right?”

“Of course they can, dummy. Why do you think people have to have like, heart or lung transplants? Organs can totally die all on their own without you having to die first,” Marie quipped, a tiny smirk tugging at her lip.

It always cheered her up to mess with her stupid little sister.

Lee smirked too, actually mildly amused by this. Her stomach was still rumbling, she still had to pat her belly to calm it down a little, and she was still so hungry that she was legitimately worried about passing out, but… at least she was amused. “Yeah, but hey May, look on the bright side. We’re so hungry that if your tummy dies, you’ll probably have passed out by then, so you won’t feel it.”

“Yeah, and maybe when they eventually find you and give you a transplant, they can give you one that doesn’t make you look so fat!” Marie crowed.

“I’m not fat, Marie!”

“Whatever little baby blubber bones.” Marie was feeling a little better now, having tormented her sister sufficiently enough, so she stood, deciding to keep feeling around the room, just in case they’d missed something. She had a bored, mildly pained look on her face, her painted blue lids hooded over her eyes and the corners of her lips tugged down in a grimace. Her tummy was rumbling something fierce, but after giving it a little rub she forced herself to place both hands on the wall, jaw set. “I’m not gonna die here with an empty, hungry belly, and neither are you guys. Mom will let someone know we’re missing soon. And even if our mom doesn’t notice, one of you two spoiled brats’ parents are bound to.”

May perked up. “Oh hey, that’s right! And, the other kids know that our boyfriends were pulling a prank, so they’d probably think to search here, right?!”

Lee laughed. “We’ll be regular damsels in distress, won’t we girls? I hope the rescue team’s cute.” She grinned, standing to practice doing an attractive pose, one hip out and her hand moving up to primp her bushy red hair. Her stomach growled, so she switched poses, stretching her back so that her shirt rode up higher on her torso and placing a hand on her belly, the other hand tangling its fingers in her hair. “I hope my stomach doesn’t growl too loud and scare the men away. I’m already an intimidating beauty.”

Sarah chose not to comment.

She was glad she couldn’t see though, because her achy, empty belly had her feeling nauseous and disgusted enough without having to watch the Kankers flirt with imaginary men like they did her brother and his idiot friends. Her stomach growled loudly in discomfort, so she patted it again, idly kicking her legs against the wall. “My tummy’s super hungry, just like it usually is after… whatever hour this is. My mom will definitely notice if I’m not at dinner, and she’ll either call the cops or yell at Ed to find me. I just hope that whoever it is gets here soon before I die of hunger.”

May practically swooned. “My Ed-McStud Muffin, coming to rescue me! Oh, it’d be a romantic dream come true!”

“Yeah, like something out of a fairy tale!” Lee agreed, though her stomach gurgled at the mention of muffins. She rubbed a hand over it, letting out a laugh. “Oh, you know, one of those trashy romance novels our Mom reads. Boy, is my belly empty though. I can’t even get all hot and bothered.”

Marie barked with laugher. “That’s a surprise! You must be dying.”

“Must be.”

Nazz wet her lips. Though her mouth was plenty wet in anticipation for the food that wasn’t coming yet as it was, her lips were getting dry, and she was nervous, from both hunger and all this fighting and talk of death. “Y-yeah… Uh, my parents should notice too…” she managed, wanting to go back to what Sarah had said. Her belly growled, so she wrapped her arms around herself and pressed her elbows into it just a bit tighter. “Mom and Dad would never let me go hungry on an empty stomach.”

Sarah sighed heavily. “Well, let’s just hope Ed or SOMEBODY comes and finds us soon.”


Ed blinked when he sat down for dinner with his family, noticing that something was amiss. He’d been out a little late because Eddy had wanted to celebrate the Kanker sisters being out of their lives, and Double D had looked all sweaty and nervous the whole time, but Double D was Double D, so he’d had a fun time anyway.

Eddy was a silly fella.

But, something was weird about the dinner table… Was it that there weren’t any Chunky Puffs? They had gravy, so it couldn’t be that… Buttered toast maybe?

“Ed, where’s your sister?”

He blinked, the thing that was missing finally starting to click into place in his mind.

A second later, he stood from the table so fast that his leg caught in the chair and he fell over flat on his face so hard that he saw the stars and little birdies. But, he couldn’t get distracted by stars and birdies right now! He quickly jumped back up to his feet and ran for the door, the chair still stuck to his leg as he threw it open hard enough to make a really loud banging noise. “DON’T WORRY, BABY SISTER! I’M COMING!”

His parents blinked, wondering if they were going to be getting that chair back.


Nazz’s stomach growled so loud that, had she not been conditioned to accept it at this point, she might have mistaken it for some large, wild animal. She certainly felt like one, hungry as she was. She rubbed her stomach, closing her eyes. “I’m so hungry… It feels like my belly’s going to kill me…”

“Me too, Nazz…” Sarah agreed, shifting so she could rest her back against the older girl, he legs laid out spread eagle in front of her and her hand on her belly. It was rumbling painfully, so she patted it, her own eyes closed. “My tummy is so empty that it hurts… Doesn’t it take longer to die of hunger? How long does it take?”

“I dunno, like, three days?” Nazz offered, sounding unsure.

Marie scoffed. “Please. It’s two weeks. The three days is for going without water, not food.”

Everyone would have given the blue haired girl a surprised look if they’d been able to see her in the dark, and she could sense this, her hands moving from her tummy to her hips. “Hey! Don’t look at me like that! I’m smart!” Her stomach rumbling took away from her point just a bit, and she tried not to blush, pressing a hand into her tummy to silence it. “Shut up, you stupid stomach!”

“Hey, like owner like stomach.”

“You shut up too, Lee. You’re as bad as it is.”

“Okay, so, two weeks without food, and three days without water,” Nazz confirmed. Her belly gurgled needily, and she rubbed her hands in a slow circle that would have enticed any of the boys in the Cul-de-Sac, had they been there to see it. As it were, she was among girls in the dark. “Still though, my stomach is really, reaaally hungry. Even if I can’t actually die, it certainly feels like it.”

“I’d hate to imagine what two whole weeks would feel like,” Lee said, her own belly growling and prompting her to rub it. “You know, when you’re actually dying of starvation. It’s hard enough with just a hungry tummy, let alone a starving one.”

The other girls nodded.

“I totally feel you there, sis,” May agreed, already feeling dizzy from hunger. She was getting really thirsty too, now that the possibility of dying of thirst had been brought up. Overall, she was just a mess.

Sarah could barely stand it anymore. Her belly was growling so loudly that it was practically all she could hear. It echoed through her body, making her flesh almost seem to vibrate. She rubbed her stomach hard, trying to get it to stop, because it was driving her crazy. The hunger… She was only a child. A middle class child living in a Cul-de-Sac. She wasn’t meant to endure hunger like this. “My tummy’s so empty…” she whimpered, curling into a ball. She could barely hear herself, but it felt like her voice was shaking.

“Sarah? Are you okay?” Nazz asked, concern obvious in her voice. She felt her way over to the younger girl, setting a hand on her side. Her own stomach was rumbling nauseatingly strong, and though she did leave one hand on her tummy to abate it, she focused on the poor kid. “Shh, Sarah, you’re going to be okay, okay little one? You’re gonna be okay. My tummy’s hungry too, but someone will come and get us out of here soon. You’ll be rescued like the princess you are.”

“I’m a princess..?” Sarah asked weakly, liking the sound of that. Princess Sarah…

“Yeah,” Lee agreed, for once deciding to encourage the younger girl instead of torment. “Every girl’s a princess in her own way. Don’t you forget it.”

“I’d rather be a queen,” Marie argued. Her tummy was growling too hard for her to be too argumentative though, and she did think it sounded encouraging, so she relented sooner than she would have normally, sighing and rubbing her belly. “My stomach’s empty and I’m dying of hunger, but at least you guys think we’re princesses.”

“I’m a princess…” Sarah repeated, in a daze. “Princess Sarah.”

“Oh geez, she’s going insane from hunger,” Lee said, raising her eyebrows. Though, when her belly growled to remind her of itself, and she had to rub it, she was forced to add “Actually, I think I am too.”

“I’m starting to get claustrophobic…” May whined softly.

Suddenly, Sarah started screaming, tears pouring down her face as she threw herself against the wall, beating on it with her fists. “I WANT OUT! I WANT OUT! I’M SO HUNGRY AND SCARED AND TIRED AND MY TUMMY HURTS AND I JUST WANNA GO HOOOOME! WAAAAAHHH!!!” she wailed, pounding on the walls with her tiny little fists for all she was worth. Her stomach was growling so loud that for a moment, she had to pause her pounding to squeeze her gut, whimpering, before resuming her assault on the walls. “MY TUMMY HUUUURTS!!”

“Baby sister!”

“…ED?!” the girls all cried in unison, rushing to the wall as Sarah stared at it, awestruck and still in tears.

“ED! ED, WE’RE IN HERE!” Sarah called, pressing herself against the wall and calling to her brother at the top of her lungs. Her throat was raw from all the screaming, but she needed him to hear her.

“My man’s here to rescue us, you guys!” May gushed, clasping her hands together in joy.

“Baby sister! Big brother’s here for you, don’t worry!” Ed called out loudly to his sister, backing up and throwing his shoulder into the wall hard enough to make it shake.

“Woah! Stand back girls!” Lee called, grabbing her sisters and backing up as Nazz pulled Sarah to safety. They listened as the wall rumbled, and then watched, as light began to poor in through cracks in the wall as the door and the wall around it both began to give way. “GO ED!” they cheered, seeing freedom at hand. They were so excited to be out of there that they didn’t even care that Ed and his friends were probably exactly the reason that they were there.

Speaking of which, Eddy and Double D were mysteriously absent.

Soon, the wall collapsed, and Ed rushed in, gathering his little sister in his arms. “Baby sister! Are you okay? You were late for dinner! I asked Eddy and he said that you were with the Kanker sisters here in the basement!” And they’d said that Jimmy had just been joshing him. That Eddy, what a kidder.

“Ed, I’m so hungry,” Sarah whimpered, not having the energy to even be mad. “Just take me home so I can eat dinner.”

“Hey, uh, Ed? Mind dropping me off too?” Nazz asked, feeling a little turned around.

May was too distracted to even bother kissing up on her man too much, merely hanging on his arm and smiling, relieved. “Us too, big Ed.”

“Okay, but only real quick you guys. Sarah needs to get home for dinner,” he agreed, picking the rest of the girls up over his head and hurrying out into the night to deliver them all to their own houses, happily returning to his own with his little sister to have dinner as soon as everyone was home safe and sound.

Happy (Belated) Birthday! by attila-the-honeypie
Happy (Belated) Birthday!
So, it was a good friend of mine's birthday a while back and I wanted to draw her something even if it was a bit late. She loves flower headbands, winged people, and the color blue, so this was born ^^
Happy Hatching Day :icong-em:!! <3



The Butt Shark
United States
Current Residence: My own little world...
Favourite genre of music: All music really! :D
Favourite style of art: Anime, surrealism and symbolism
Wallpaper of choice: I like paint better personally... XP
Skin of choice: Mine, but it would be cooler with scales...
Favourite cartoon character: Vitani from The Lion King
Personal Quote: "Do you mind? I was having a nice conversation with myself until you interupted."
  • Mood: Alienated
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  • Reading: These little stalker question things
  • Watching: The computer screen
  • Playing: The Game... DANG! I JUST LOST!!!
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Name: My name is Hikari Hoshi, but when I’m wearing my magical girl outfits (all personally designed and sewn by me, by the way!), you can call me Starshine, or Starshine-chan! I also have an adorable animal friend who helps me in both my battles for the greater good and just everyday life sort of battles, like getting out of bed on Monday mornings or getting my homework done when all I want to do is sew. He’s a weasel named Kirakira!

Likes: Well, my likes include spending time with Kirakira, of course, whether it be playing with him, brushing his fur, sewing cute little outfits for him or even saving the day with him! I love him, and he loves me. We’re partners to the end! Aside from that, I really love sewing. It’s my passion! The thing I want to do for the rest of my life! I make plushies all the time, and I sew my own outfits, as well as ones for Kirakira, so we’re sure to always look adorable! Even my magical weapon is a sewing needle! *coughcough* Aside from that, I’ve had passing interests in other artistic pursuits, like fashion design, sculpting, scrapbooking, doodling on homework I probably shouldn’t doodle on and the like, I watch TV or Netflix in my spare time and get addicted just like anyone else, and I love music and looking at the stars at night through the telescope I got for my twelfth birthday! I’ve also taken a liking to watching magical girl anime, for obvious reasons, but I prefer the cheerier ones (Madoka broke my heart! </3).

Dislikes: Spicy food, people who don’t like sewing, magical girls or weasels, really mean-spirited people, and the belief that kids should at some point reach an age where they grow out of their stuffed animals. Plushies are cute and awesome and make great cuddle buddies! Why would anyone what to grow out of that?!

Personality: Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but I’m a fairly cheerful, upbeat sort of person. I’m pretty girly, with my adorable clothes and hair clips and whatnot, but I’ve never let that stop me from being tough when I need to be, especially when I’m saving the world (or enduring ouchy needle pokes in my fingertips… thimbles help a lot though!). I’m caring, compassionate, sometimes a little scatter brained from daydreaming, admittedly, but I think my creativity and imagination make up for that! And, most importantly, I’m driven, and I want to both help as many people as I can and pursue my dream of being the best plushie artist I can possibly be!

Powers: Well, a lot of magical girls have a special weapon all their own, often based on what it is they’re all about, and I am no exception. My special weapon is a large sewing needle, nearly as tall as I am! It’s got thread that glitters gold tied to the eye at the top, and tied to the ends of each half of the thread are these wonderful little yellow star charms. It’s also got a blue scarf wrapped around it, just below the eye, matching both Kirakira and me. It’s basically a member of the team, after all! I wield it like a staff, and I’m always super careful not avoid hurting anyone with the sharp end unless I have to. Fabric, however, isn’t spared like that, for obvious reasons. Because sometimes, to save the day, you just need to sew something! Aside from my awesome needle staff though, I can fly (well, it’s more like floating, really), make my body (or just my hands or eyes, depending on the situation) shine bright, and shoot star beams from the palms of my hands, though I prefer to use my needle. I can also repair just about anything, using my needle to stitch it back together. Busted dam? No problem! Rip in the fabric of space time? Fixing fabric is my life! All in all, I guess you could say that I’m a pretty awesome magical girl.

Back story: Well, my family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I learned from an early age the benefits of being able to make my own clothes and toys, and my mom started teaching me when I was very young (like, three years old!). She as super patient with me, and while there were a few finger pricks here and there, I loved being able to make things for myself. It made me feel so… accomplished, and independent, you know? Like, I need something, so I’ll make something! And I loved every one of my little creations, no matter how clumsy I was in the beginning! Eventually, my mom and dad found better jobs, and things got a little better for us at home, but I never stopped sewing. I loved sewing so much, that when I had a really bad accident when I was seven and needed to get stitches, it reassured me to know that I would be fixed the same way I fixed my dolls. I guess in a way, sewing helped make me brave, and that helped me to become a better magical girl later on!

Oh, yeah. I guess I should explain that too, huh?

*clears throat* Anyway, when I was eleven years old, I met this beautiful older girl wearing the cutest clothes. She was running away from something, and she was a little banged up. I realized, when I got closer, that she was actually a doll herself, and she had a few tears in her beautiful silk skin! I was shocked to see a living doll, but she was in trouble, so I took her back to my home to hide her from what I later found out was magic poachers, who captured magical animals and used them for evil, selfish purposes. The doll had been created by an older, magical woman, born from a star, who’d been drawn away by a distraction set by the poachers so that they could attack her home while she was away and kidnap the animals she was taking care of! The doll was brave, and had scooped up all the poor baby animals and run away to save them.

I hid her and kept her safe, and as I listened to her tail, I stitched all of the tears the poachers had made, hoping that it would keep her from having to hurt anymore. And, in the meantime, I got to play with the baby magical animals (three guesses how I met Kirakira~!). Eventually, her creator came for her, and after thanking me, she bestowed me with magical powers of my own, so I could continue helping to keep everyone safe and sound. And, since Kirakira and I had become really good friends, she let me keep him, as long as I promised to be really good to him, and I’ve made very sure to keep that promise. Since the woman’s powers had come from a star, mine also came from the stars. I’d always loved watching the stars, like explosions of glitter in the big, midnight blue fabric of the night sky, so I couldn’t be happier.

Now, I’m Starshine-chan! Saving the day one plushie at a time!


My entry for :iconstarshineplush:'s contest. Hopefully, I've captured their mascot character well enough XD


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